Worst Mom #445

I’m not really counting the reasons why I am sometimes a bad mom.  My numbering system is probably pretty accurate, though.

Anyhow, this happened a few weeks ago on a Friday.  I picked up Kenzie from the babysitter’s house after another fun-filled day at work.

I put her in the car seat and noticed she dropped her doll’s pacifier.  Of course.  So I start looking all over for it.  Can’t find it.  Distracted her with some pretzels.  Good to go.

So, I’m driving along and we get to a light about 10 minutes later.  Just a block away from getting on the expressway.  I look back at little chicky in my rear view mirror (we have one of those mirrors on her seat in the back since she is still rear-facing) and see that she is proudly STANDING UP facing me with a huge smile on her face.  YEP, I forgot to buckle her in because I was so distracted looking for the dumb fake pacifier.  I immediately start looking around to see where I can pull into quickly to get her strapped in.  There is a White Castle just a few feet ahead and I just need to turn right to get into the parking lot.  Perfect.

At the same time, I am telling Kenzie sternly “SIT DOWN”, to which she just laughs and smiles because she knows what she has accomplished.  Completely ignores me.

The light turns green, and I slowly start to turn into the White Castle parking lot.  I look in the mirror as I am doing this and watch Kenzie do a little cartwheel and fall over onto the seat next to her.  OMG.  She starts whining/ fake crying.  I ask, “Are you okay?!”  To which she replies, “Yeah” (in the saddest tone ever – hilarious).  So I get her all buckled in (against her will of course, because now she knows what freedom is like in the car), and away we go while she cried for the duration of the trip.  What a heart attack!  So thankful we were not on the expressway going 70 mph when it happened.  I am a moron.

Stay tuned for more bad mom stories, I’m sure they’ll be coming.  Especially with pregnancy brain over here.


21 Weeks, 5 Days – Bebe is the size of a Baby Bok Choy

First of all, I love my pregnancy app – Ovia.  It gives me updates daily on how I should be feeling, and what the baby is doing in there.  For example, today, Baby’s internal reproductive system is developing.  And also, it told me that I’m probably gaining weight at a more rapid pace (no shit) and may be experiencing some effects like fatigue or backache.  It also shows a picture of how big the baby’s hand is at this point in time compared to what it will be at 9 months.

Here’s what I hate about Ovia, and similar apps:  How they compare your baby to the size of fruits or vegetables that are so random.  Like, I don’t know how big a baby bok choy is…I don’t even know how big a normal bok choy is!  Why not compare the baby to menu items from Taco Bell?  “Baby is the size of a nacho cheese chalupa” or “Baby is now the size of a crunch box”…at least I can relate to those things.

So this morning was a good start to the new year.  As I was driving on the expressway, I realized that I forgot to put on both deodorant AND make up.  So that was cool.  Not that I’m trying to impress anyone at work (believe me), but I am wearing a new sweater today, so I’d rather not ruin it with nastiness.  Luckily, I’ve got a spare deodorant in my office.  But the face is a lost cause.  Oh well!  Pregnancy brain strikes again.

My goal for 2015 is no more vomiting.  I don’t know how doable that is, but I will try.

Someone asked me the other day if nesting has kicked in for me yet and if I had started organizing and cleaning everything.  I just laughed at this person and said no, not yet.  For Mike’s sake, I hope it does kick in eventually.  I threw a fit about taking down the ornaments and putting all the Christmas stuff away last night.  Why do we have to get this done immediately on January 1?  Not that I didn’t sit around the entire rest of the day, but I didn’t feel like putting things into boxes, etc. No fun!

My other goal for early this year is to start buttoning things up at work.  I am hopeful that I will not go into labor early, but I suppose I should be ready at any point to not come back.

I have also heard that you can get your insurance to pay for your breast pump, so I need to get on that.

I have been thinking more and more about when we put the house on the market this February.  Part of me hopes (selfishly) that it wouldn’t be worth it to put it on the market this year, and that we should wait another year.  If we do sell this year, I am afraid that it will be at the worst possible time.  Mike’s sister is getting married in May, and so for us to move into his parents’ house during that time of chaos, I think I would just rather not.  I don’t need the added stress, and I don’t think his parents do, either.  If we can hold off on selling until AFTER the wedding, like into the summer months, I would be a little more willing to move in with them.  Part of me also wants those 12 weeks just with the baby and I, in OUR house.  Not that I don’t love my in-laws or that they wouldn’t help me at all, it’s just me being selfish again.  I won’t get those first 12 weeks back, and I want them to be wonderful and comfortable for all of us.

I created a Target baby registry for us the other day, just to make it easier for when we actually go in and start scanning things.  I was looking at their “popular items” lists, and I honestly have no idea where we are going to start.  So many different options for a high chair, stroller, car seat…I should hire someone to research the best of everything.  Should be a test of our patience for sure 🙂  Also, all of the furniture that I like is either “out of stock” or “not available online or in stores”…WTF Target?!

Ultrasound tomorrow!  Let’s hope I don’t have the bitchy ultrasound tech, because I seem to not have a filter lately, and it won’t end well for either one of us.  Fingers crossed for a boy!  Now that I’ve said that, it will most definitely be a girl.  Mark my words.