Cleaning with Thieves (Young Living)

What?  A cleaning post by Melissa?  NO WAY.  If you know me, you know I’d rather hire someone to clean our house than do it myself.  Not because I’m lazy, but because I have better things to do (judge me all you want).   My grandpa is rolling over in his grave right now.

Anyhow, what really bothers me about cleaning, is the scent of cleaning agents.  Especially now that I am pregnant.  The only smell I love is Pine Sol, which is probably not good.  It is still all chemical-based.  My husband loves the smell of bleach, because to him, that means it is clean.  To me, it is vomit worthy.  He won’t even use gloves when he cleans, and then his hands smell of bleach for a few days after.  That can’t be good or healthy!

So, I kept seeing people post of this Thieves cleaner via Young Living.  My husband isn’t a believer in oils, or anything that appears to be a pyramid scheme.  He is incredibly stubborn, so I don’t waste my breath anymore.  I have to save my cash on the side or win free samples or get awesome gifts from my friends who are equipped in the business of oils 🙂  My good friend offered me a sample of the cleaner and even gave me directions on how to dilute it (because I would totally mess that up if she didn’t).  So thankful.

What really interested me is that this cleaner doesn’t have all of the dangerous ingredients that you’ll see in products down most cleaning aisles at the store.  I feel safer using that type of cleaner around our daughter and our dog.  And the smell of the cleaner is just an added bonus (smells like cinnamon – perfect for fall).

So I finally broke out the Thieves cleaner this weekend.  My daughter has been teething and putting her mouth on everything.  We have a big picture window in our dining room that is just her height.  The bottom wood sill is perfect for her mouth, which I caught her chewing on a few times.  I immediately broke out the cleaner and mixed up a batch.  A little bit goes a long way, so that is fantastic, too.

NOTE:  I did not want to use the same cleaning buckets that we use bleach/ other cleaning crap/ clean the bathrooms with.  I thought since I was going to be cleaning surfaces that my daughter would soon be touching, that they be free of chemicals.   So I grabbed an old Miller Lite pitcher that we use to water the plants with sometimes.

Fast forward 20 minutes when I’m about half way done wiping down the windows and starting on the wooden blinds (what a pain in the ass by the way, there has to be a better way to clean blinds!).  Mike must have smelled the yummy cinnamon smell because he says, “What are you using?”  I played dumb and said, “cleaner, why?”  He continued to ask what kind, and I told him what it was and asked him if he liked the scent.  He was like, “It’s fine, whatever”…then he noticed that I was using the Miller Lite pitcher and asked, “Is the cleaner in the pitcher?”    YEP!   “We drink out of that pitcher!  That is disgusting!”  Then I explained that (a) we don’t really drink out of that pitcher ever and (b) the cleaner is not toxic.  His response:  “Drink it then!”  Hahahaha, oh my darling husband.  Anything to hate on the oils.

End result:  I’d probably clean a lot more if I buy the Thieves cleaner.  I went on to clean the stove top after the windows.  Then I started to get worried because the last time I had a burst of energy like this one, was a few days before I went into labor with Kenzie.  I had cleaned the entire kitchen from top to bottom with Pine Sol.  That was the first and only “nesting” activity and burst of energy that took place during that pregnancy.  Haha, hopefully this pregnancy will be more beneficial to the cleanliness and organization of our house.

Here is a great website that I came across when researching Thieves cleaner, and other ways to use it:

The Oil Dropper