9 weeks, 3 days

I figure I should start titling these posts with how far along I am, so I can look back on this and remember how terrible each week was ūüėČ

So, my first doctor’s appointment is tomorrow. ¬†I will be 9 weeks and 4 days along. ¬†I have been reading reports stating that yes, you will be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat at this point, or no, you will not be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat. ¬†So much back and forth. ¬†I just want a nice, clean-cut confirmation that things are on the up-and-up. ¬†The people who I could ask don’t yet know that I am pregnant, so there is no point. ¬†Just wait and see at this time.

Today, by the way, SUCKED.

I woke up, knowing that I needed to eat something.  Walked downstairs and started up the toaster with a bagel.  Directly after I pressed down on the bagel lever, I had to RUN for the bathroom.  Oh yes, the lovely bile again.  SO GROSS.  I am certain that my throwing up sounds so gross that it probably makes others want to throw up, in return.  My husband always comes to check on me, asking if I am okay.  He is so sweet.  I probably look like the saddest person, with tears rolling down my face.  Does anyone else cry while throwing up?  It seems to be an involuntary thing for me.  Anyhow, I crawled back into bed, while he fixed me the rest of my bagel and got me some orange juice.  I started eating, and felt good finishing the bagel and orange juice.

Let me fill you in on something.  Drinking an acidic drink, such as orange juice, right after puking your guts out was probably not a good idea for me.  But, it sounded good at the time.  I needed something with a bit of flavor.  Well, that was STUPID.  I ate, I drank, and then I got up and promptly puked everything back up.  Stupid, stupid me.  I think I dislocated my jaw in the process.  Ugh.

So, the rest of the day has pretty much been a wash. ¬†Luckily, we had no real plans. ¬†I just laid on the couch all day, trying to slowly eat foods that weren’t going to disgust me.

Oh, and cooking anything in our house ends up being a real treat. ¬†For example, my husband fried up some potstickers for his dinner, since I was not available to go shopping/ make him anything. ¬†The smell was just excruciating. ¬†I had to open up all the windows. ¬†I can still smell it! ¬†We tried making something in the crock pot over night a few weeks ago…BIG MISTAKE. ¬†The smell permeated the whole house. ¬†I nearly went out and slept in the car.

Okay, that’s enough of the gross update for the day. ¬†Thanks for hanging out. ¬†I am posting this in hopes of other women in my position googling symptoms and things such as this to make sure they are not alone. ¬†It’s something that I do, and it helps me to sleep at night sometimes.

Anyhow, big prayers for tomorrow’s appointment, please. ¬†I really, really hope that they can sense some sort of heartbeat! ¬†I don’t like hanging out in limbo, and I’m sure bebay doesn’t, either.