22 Weeks, 6 Days…Still Corny on the Cob

Just a few updates…

I should have started taking Zofran AGES ago.  I thought I’d try to do the “non-medicine” thing and keep my system clear of anything that could harm baby, but that ship has sailed.  I’m not going to jinx it, but I’d like to meet the person who invented this wonderful medicine.  Keep working your magic!

My pregnancy pillow has arrived from Bump Nest!  Even though I didn’t get the polka dot pattern that I really wanted since they were out, I am very please with the Chevron pattern.  Rorschach is also interested in this pillow.  Mike saw it and said, “This is going to be like a third person sleeping with us!  That thing is massive!”  He clearly did not know what to expect when I explained it, even though I did send him a link.  Oh well!  The first night of sleeping with it was a good one!  I’m going to have to mess with it a bit, because my neck hurts a little – I’m not used to having such a firm pillow, so I know that has contributed.  But it’s as wonderful as I thought it would be!

photo 2

photo 3


Now if only these terrible leg cramps would disappear!  I guess it is a pregnancy thing.  I wake up in the middle of the night and stretch out, thus pointing my toes.  WORST idea ever.  It never fails, because my right leg consistently cramps up, and I feel as though I have pulled a muscle.  I have to sit there and wait for it to go back to being normal.  WTF.  I have read that it could be dehydration.  Whatever.  I have to pee ALL THE TIME.  If I added more fluids, I would just take up permanent residency in the bathroom.   Also, I did read that it is normal to have leg cramps in the THIRD trimester, which is a club that I am not part of yet.  Seems like all of these symptoms are hitting me a trimester early, which is not cool.  Does that mean I’m going to be free and clear in trimester three and I’m suddenly going to love pregnancy?  DOUBT IT!

Despite what I think I should be eating, my body still craves food that is probably not the best for me.  Like yesterday for example.  My kind mother offered to bring me lunch to work so that I wouldn’t have to go out in the cold if I didn’t already have something.  I had some frozen lunches in the freezer, but did not want them (shocker).  I am the worst.  So I asked her for a cheeseburger, small fry, and small Coke from McDonald’s. A happy meal without the toy, if you will.  Pretty standard.  She comes in with a big cheeseburger from a local pancake house cafe, fries, chicken noodle soup, and what I’m pretty sure was Swanel (cheap-o generic Pepsi for cheap-o restaurants that don’t want to pay for the real thing).  Of course, I thanked her.  But in my head, I was defeated.  I just wanted a McDonald’s cheeseburger!  Baby wants what baby wants.  She told me that I shouldn’t be eating crap like McDonalds.  Ayayayaya.

Speaking of good/ bad food, I left early from work one day last week, as it was blizzarding outside.  A common occurrence when living in the Midwest (why the hell do we still live here?)  Visibility was zero, wind was insane, and I couldn’t see the lines on the expressway.  But all I could think about during the drive was how incredibly hungry I was.  There is a Taco Bell 5 minutes from our house.  Any normal person would have driven straight home after the scary drive I had.  Not me!  Taco Bell it is!  I didn’t care at that point, I figured I could slide my way home on the side streets if I had to.  Best pregnancy lunch ever.  This baby is probably going to be vegan or something insane after all of the terrible foods I am scarfing down.  I know what you’re thinking of the picture below.  “That is easily 2,000 calories on that plate”….and worth every single one of them!  I even took a nap afterwards.   VICTORY!

photo 1

22 Weeks, 1 Day – Bebe is the size of a Corn on the Cob…

Alright!  So much for my 2015 goal!  I am convinced that this child hates me.   We went to Hooter’s on Sunday for some lunch.  I thought I’d order some shrimp fried in parmesan garlic sauce.  I took one bite of a shrimp, and quickly thought to myself, “Bad idea, genius”….now, I have had shrimp before while pregnant and have been just fine!  The consistency of this shrimp was just off – it almost tasted like they were raw and stringy, but still warm.   SO GROSS.  Mike could tell by the look on my face that I was about to have an episode.  He told me not to eat it, and that he would split his chicken sandwich with me.  I just had tiny little pieces of it, and was doing well.  Ate some curly fries and some fried pickles.  Good good.  We were getting close to being finished, and I suddenly got the urge to make a run for it.  Luckily, there was only a little girl washing her hands in the bathroom and promptly left before I could start losing everything.

The nice thing about Hooters is that their bathrooms are equipped with speakers so that you can hear the football games – and they are LOUD!   So even if someone was in there, they wouldn’t have been able to hear me.  I hate looking at myself in the mirror afterwards.  It usually looks like I have been crying, and my eyes look like blood vessels have popped inside of the whites.  But a big shout-out to Hooters, because our waitress was so kind.  I didn’t want to tell her what was up when she asked if there was something wrong with my shrimp.  I told her “no no, I’m fine!” and went on eating plain fries.  It was when I got back from the bathroom that she said, “Are you sure nothing is wrong?” that Mike told her I was pregnant, and that some things bother me.  She immediately had the shrimp taken off of our bill. She was probably thinking, “Why did this fool order this then?”  Oh well.  Live and learn.

eating:   I am a BIG fan of Cutie clementines recently.  I try to eat two or three a day (they are high in folic acid, and just convenient).  I keep them in my car so they stay cold (don’t tell Mike – he hates when I store things in there).  Also, I have been buying Vitamin Water XXX, which I usually reserve for after my sickness episodes, since water just never tastes right.  Again, Mike would kill me since Vitamin Water is a Coke product I think.  Definitely not Pepsi.  But I’ve tried Propel, and it disgusts me.  So he will just have to deal.    I could really go for some nachos now.  It’s negative degrees outside, so I’m contemplating a Taco Bell run for lunch, but probably should reconsider.   I also had the best burger of my life from The Butcher & the Burger…see their menu and info here:  Butcher & the Burger   It seems ridiculous to go all the way to the North side for a burger, but I have an inkling that we will be doing this again soon.  I already have a craving for another one.  And BONUS – it is super close to Binny’s!  We stocked up on beer (and non-alcoholic grapefruit soda).  Quite convenient.

drinking: Decaffeinated and unsweetened iced tea & Vitamin water XXX.  Fountain Pepsi when we go out.  Everything else disgusts me.

avoiding: Shrimp.  Chicken.  Exercising.  Organizing.  Sitting for long periods of time.

wearing:  I pretty much live in my maternity jeans now!  My mother-in-law was kind enough to get me a pair of skinny-maternity jeans for Christmas, and they fit great!  I bought a cute Liz Lange sweater dress, but will likely wear it with leggings.  No one need to see my pale legs.  Speaking of dresses, I also had to buy a pair of maternity nylons!  Didn’t even know they made them…Turns out they are super comfortable!  A little pricey, so hopefully I don’t get a run in them at all.


We had a wedding to attend this past Saturday.  Nothing like trying to find a dress that fits.  I didn’t want to have to buy something new, so I decided to try on things I already had.  What a joke.  Mike just laughed at the first dress (as did I)…

Pink Dress

Good thing the second dress had some give to it!  Also, I happened to buy this dress is two sizes when I did, so this is the bigger one.  Funny how things work out.  I had every intention of returning the one that didn’t fit as well…

Black Dress Wedding

feeling: Meh.  I feel terrible right now, so it’s hard to think of times when I feel GREAT.  I’m so thankful that I have an office job where I do.  I never would have been able to survive otherwise, and probably would have been fired by now elsewhere, though I believe that is probably illegal.

reading: Baby name book, now that we know the gender!  We went through both of our lists last night, and I think we will be okay.  I’m oddly surprised at how many names he likes from the 2000 era.  Like the name Madison.  Hello?!  That is so ten years ago!  I will likely be the one to give in for the name, which seems absurd since I’m the one who has been so sick and has to carry this bundle of joy around.  I will just be more stubborn about other things in the future.

buying:  We bought some booties for the baby at Target.  I just could not pass them up.  It was our very first purchase for Baby Peters!

sleeping: NOT GOOD.  It seems to be getting worse by the night, so I decided to invest in this:  Pregnancy Body Pillow from Bump Nest  It should be arriving any day now, so maybe that will put a halt to the constant tossing and turning.  Stand by for my review 🙂

loving:  Thinking about what the baby’s room will look like, whether it is at our house or at Mike’s parents’ house.  I have high hopes.

getting used to: Being a fatty.  But for real, it’s kind of fun.  We will be registering for the baby shower soon, so that will be a blast.  I can already tell that Mike is going to be indifferent to items.  That just gives me all the power 🙂