I’m heavier than our dining room table, now. And Baby Registry!

27 Weeks, 3 Days – Bebe is the size of a bunch of bananas (still weird)


So this morning brought on some harsh realities for me.

I was sitting at our dining room table this morning eating my strawberry waffles with our dog, Rory, sitting close by and hoping for some leftovers.

Mike walked by and said, “Oh look, mommy is going to give herself gestational diabetes by the amount of syrup she put on her pancakes”  ….clearly I should have lied and told him I passed the glucose test!  This guy is researching everything now.  I tried to explain to him that I likely have the OPPOSITE of diabetes, like hypoglycemia, but he thinks he knows everything.  So now, whenever I am eating something sweet, I will never hear the end of it.  This makes me want to buy a hot dog and eat it right in front of him.  I know he is only looking out for the baby, but I am going to take his head off by the end of this.

So I’m sitting there and I realize I am too far from the table.  We have hard wood floors and the dining room set is taller than most, so my feet don’t touch the ground.  So I grab the table and try to pull myself in.  Usually, the chair would slide in with me in it.  This time, THE TABLE MOVED TO ME.  So yeah, I’m heavier than our dining room table, which is big enough for eight people.  Fuck.

On top of that, I feel hideous.  My hair looks like crap, and yet I don’t feel like going the extra mile with bobby pins to try to make it pretty.  I have been wearing a white Columbia winter coat, unzipped, since it physically cannot zip around my giant stomach.  I have stains on it from rubbing up against my car in the garage while I’m trying to walk around it.  The sad part is that I don’t even care about the stains on the coat.  How sad!  It’s like I’ve given up on life!  I can’t imagine this will get any better in the last 3 months.

In other news, we have been working on finalizing our baby registries.  We registered at both Buy Buy Baby and Target.  Here are some of the fun items we discussed/ fought about:

I originally had this bedding set on the Buy Buy Baby registry, because Mike had actually picked it out, AND it was pink!

glenna jean

Now, let’s talk about cost!  Any guesses?  It is a three piece set, including the comforter, bed sheet, and crib skirt.  We didn’t even check until we got home.  I about had a heart attack.


From what I’ve read, newborns aren’t even supposed to be using quilts/ comforters.  So I get three pieces, one of which will be useful as the sheet, while the other two are merely for show?!   WTF!!!!!   So, I took it off of our registry.  I love the style, but I have to be real.  I’d rather we get items at our shower that will actually be put to good use, rather than just sit on display.

Also, why is bamboo muslin so pricey?  We [I] found the cutest swaddles here, but it is a three pack for $44.99!:


And the cutest little knee pads for when she starts to crawl around our floors!  Mike actually found these:

Happy Knees

And word to the wise, the crib mattress does NOT come with the crib.  Those bad boys can cost up to $400 if you want a really nice one!  This kid will have a nicer mattress than we do.

I went back and forth about the stroller/ travel system.  Since Mike claims he doesn’t care, I made a momma decision and switched from the Graco travel system to the Chicco Travel System.  I did my research, and this seems safer and easier to get into a car.  Yes, it’s a bit more expensive, but I’m all about efficiency and safety now!

Also, has anyone heard about this Kiinde food and storage system?    You can read about it here:  https://www.kiinde.com/our_products.php


To be continued…

Ovia App: Your Uterus is Now the Size of a Soccer Ball (24 weeks, 5 days)

Ewe, Ovia, just ewe.   Makes sense that I am running out of clothes that fit, though.

So, I learned yesterday that I still have emotions (not just anger, like I thought!).  All it took was my weekly viewing of the show Parenthood.  Usually, I get choked up and tear up a little bit, but this episode was different.

First of all, if you don’t watch Parenthood, I highly recommend starting.  The very last episode will be on NBC next Thursday night, but you can still watch all the seasons on Hulu or whatever other streaming programs there are.  It’s a one-hour family drama/ comedy show with an amazing cast, and it is genius.  I will admit, some episodes are better than others (toward the end, they were running into budget issues, so the whole cast is not in every single episode of the last season, until the final episode, that is).

For all of you Craig T. Nelson fans out there, this show is for you.  My parents used to watch the show Coach when it was on television, and my brother and I would follow suit.  I was a big fan of the show, and even wanted to move to Minnesota.  So, when Parenthood started up, and Craig T. had a leading role in it, along with Lorelai Gilmore and Dax Shepard, you better believe I was on board.

So, I’m watching the second-to-last episode in bed last night.  Mike is playing on his phone because he hates the show (he hates Ray Romano and Monica Potter).  I made it through the whole first half of the episode just fine.  And then COACH has a few key scenes at the end, and I am left SOBBING LIKE A BABY.  Oh my goodness, it’s not even real!  It’s a television show for crying out loud!  Mike thinks I’m a nerd.  I’m just glad that I still have a heart.  Even if it was Coach who had to bring it out in me.   I am terrified of what next week’s episode will bring out in me.  I’ll just have to mentally prepare myself for it.

Oh, and the music they play in every episode is usually amazing and spot-on.   Very folksie/ Ray LaMontagne/ Bob Dylan like.  Love love love.  If you like that kind of music.

In other news, baby girl is kicking ALL THE TIME.  It’s funny though, because I will tell Mike to put his hand on my stomach, and she stops immediately.  Last night he said, “Great, the kid already hates me” – hahaha.

He then told me that he would have to go on a business trip to New York in mid-April.  I laughed at him, because I thought he was for sure joking.  Nope!  WTF?  He better hope baby girl doesn’t want to come into this world early.

We are going to register for our baby shower this weekend at Target and Buy Buy Baby.  Should be an interesting time for both of us.  I am kind of excited.  I met up with a friend at Buy Buy Baby last week to go through everything with her and noted the “must-have” items and the “don’t bother” items.  I actually took notes, like a nerd.  I feel much better about the situation now!  For example, no bassinet for us!  I am all about convenience and whatever will break down/ move the easiest.  I will be sure to document our visits and share on here.  It will be comical, if nothing else.

Additionally, has anyone out there used The Honest Company diapers, wipes, or bathing accessories?  I signed up for their “freebie” five pack right after I found out I was pregnant, and all you have to pay for is shipping.  Stupid me, I didn’t read the confirmation email after I ordered.  I inadvertently signed up for their “diaper bundle” monthly program by not canceling right away.  So, all of the sudden, there was an $80 charge on our Visa a few weeks later for a million diapers and wipes for a child we don’t even have the privilege of knowing yet.  Needless to say, Mike had a conniption.  And I didn’t even order the Newborn size, I ordered a size up.  IDIOT.  So yeah, hopefully baby girl likes Honest Company diapers and stays in the 8 to 14 pound range for a long time, because that’s all we will have!