Everyone Sucks.

Warning:  This is a pissed off, ranty post.  If you are in a positive mood and don’t want to ruin that, feel free to pass this over.  I won’t be offended.

First of all, I think the thing that all of this is stemming from is my continued sickness with this pregnancy.  Got sick again on Sunday and today.  We are officially at 20 weeks, hence this is pretty much bullshit.  I had a pounding headache for the entire day yesterday, and I had to go to venue-hunt with my mother-in-law.  Usually a fun time, but was not feeling it at all.  I pretty much don’t care where the baby shower is at this point.  Have it at a bar, for all I care.  Or Pizza Hut, where everyone gets their own personal pan pizza, like Book-It.  I would love that.  Too bad Little Caesar’s doesn’t have a dining room.

Now, let’s talk about work.  My old boss needs to come back immediately.  I am working with idiots now.  All of them.  Part of the reason I came back to this job was because of the person who was commissioner of my department.  It’s hard to find that kind of dedication and intelligence.  And now we are back to square one.  Whatever.

We just got a delivery of cookies for our department.  Since I am the only one here today (as is often the case), I am keeping these for myself.  Pregnant lady gets what pregnant lady wants.  Everyone else can suck it.  I will consider this my win for today.

My back pains are getting insane.  The pain goes all the way through to my ribs on the other side.  Just on my right side, though.  Whatever.    The heating pad is my go-to when I get home.  I should probably get one for the office and look like a super old lady.

50 minutes to go.  Then I get to go home and bake a new recipe.   Fingers crossed!!

I want hibachi style shrimp and some spicy sushi.

That is all.

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