19 Weeks, 3 Days – Size of a Zesty Zucchini

Moving right along…

Scheduled the ultrasound for January 3!  I wanted it before the holidays, but their scheduling department sucks.  Mike is oddly okay with this.  I suppose it gives us something to look forward to.

In other news, I am in a very crabby mood today.  I hate everyone.  Well, just about everyone.  People who can’t drive, people who can’t show up to work when they are interns, people who are involved in things at work who are fucking idiots and don’t deserve to get paid for the position that was handed to them.  That type of thing.  Contractors who are working right outside my window at work drilling shit.  SHUT UP.

I also hate that my digestive system has started to fail me.  I’ve heard about this happening in the second trimester.  Basically, everything slows down, and it sucks.  I may have also started experiencing heart burn for the first time in my life.  It feels like someone is sitting on my chest and I can barely breathe.  The only comfort is when I can lay down completely.  So if it happens at work, I am pretty much screwed (seeing as I am the only one in the office, for the most part).

I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday.  It was WONDERFUL.  I walked in, and there was no one in the waiting room.  This has NEVER happened.  It is always annoyingly packed.  And then, it smelled like yummy fried chicken.  So I asked the nurse what that lovely smell was, and she gave me some of her curly fries from Arby’s.  I seriously have the best doctor/ nurses ever.  She said that if I am starting to feel less nauseous, then I should EAT EAT EAT!  Then, I proceeded to go to Arby’s after my appointment.  It was somewhat unnecessary, seeing as I had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and popcorn before my appointment.  But a beef and cheddar, curly fries, and a fountain Pepsi.  Fountain Pepsi makes me so happy.

Heartbeat is at 150 for the little one.  Doctor said everything sounds good and I have even gained a slight amount of weight ::cringe::   Time to go maternity shopping for real this time.  No more walking around with my pants unbuttoned!

I have most of our Christmas shopping done.  I ordered Mike an xBox One, against his wishes.  I know he only said that he didn’t need it because it was too expensive.  However, I feel that this is the last Christmas it will just be about the two of us.  Our lives are going to drastically change, and our expenses are going to skyrocket (I feel).  So, I think the xBox is a great gift, because when he needs a break from the crying baby, or just to get away, he will have that option in the basement.   Plus, I opened one of those stupid Amazon credit cards and got $70 off.  So that was my justification.  I’ve also started to cut my spending.  I bought Suave conditioner for my hair yesterday.  This will for sure make me sound like a snob, but I would only use Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner before.  It smells amazing and does amazing things to my hair, but was a whopping $60 per bottle (but they were those giant pump bottles).

In other news, my boss has accepted a job in another City.  This has been a somewhat rough and unexpected change for me.  I’m trying to embrace it, but I just don’t trust the fools who are going to be conducting the interviews and going through the resumes.  They have no clue what goes on in my Department – they are so disconnected from it all.  So, this might just be my motivation to get kicking and start job hunting.  Something closer to home would be ideal.  Something with the work from home option would be more ideal.

Oh, and I hate fucking contractors who continuously call and leave no voicemails.  I am by myself in the office, so if I am helping someone else, you are the very lowest priority for me.  Patience is a virtue, assholes.

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