Sad Realization + Ultrasound Photo

So the other day, I got home and grabbed the mail while my chili and velveeta dip was heating (this is a new craving for me).

I find a pretty little Anthropologie catalog amongst the election day propaganda.  Immediately, I threw everything else to the side.  Grabbed my chili cheese dip and tortilla chips and Dr. Pepper.   Started perusing the catalog.  You see, sometimes, Anthro catalogs can be hit or miss.  In this situation, I pretty much loved everything I saw.  And OF COURSE I would.  I’m 12 weeks pregnant.  Why wouldn’t I love everything I saw?

So I start figuring out what I can pull off being a near-future fatty.   Good thing I like a lot of their cardigans and vest sweaters.  They won’t be snug at all, and I would have a shirt underneath it.  Win win.

Mike gets home and I show him my shopping list.

He says, “Normally, I would tell you to buy whatever you like.  But this is pointless!  You won’t even be able to wear those cords because your legs will be bigger”….

Uhhh, what world is he living in that he can assume that my legs will be enlarged immediately?  I mean, sure, it is possible.  I don’t exercise at all anymore, and walking up the stairs more than once makes me want to vomit.  Maybe in my third trimester, food will actually be appetizing again and then I will be making up for lost time.  But in my world, I still get a full stomach really quickly.  I’m not going to start forcing food down my throat and make myself uncomfortable.  My doctor told me NOT to do that, and basically NOT to listen to any of the fools who bother me about my eating habits.

I still know that it doesn’t make sense to purchase a $200 pair of cords that I will likely only be able to wear for a month.  I hear that measurements change a bit after delivering a baby (ha!), so who knows.  I am still going to fight for those cardigans and boots, though!!  🙂

Oh, and something terrible that I have learned.  Whenever I eat something sweet, I end up with this TERRIBLE aftertaste!  I carry cinnamon gum with me everywhere now.

So, we finally told Mike’s sister last night.  And we will be telling more of his family members on Sunday.  Pretty excited for that.

I have another doctor appointment on Monday, November 17.  Hopefully, that will be an easier appointment than the first one.  Fingers crossed!

Ultrasound photo!


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