Ultra Cool!

Moving right along… So yesterday was another big milestone for us.  Ultrasound Day!  To explain my experience (since I had no idea what to expect), I will start with the diagnostic center medical building.  We walked in, and we were pretty much the only ones in there.  It was awesome, and the opposite of the cramped little waiting room at my doctor’s office.  We checked in, and then I headed for a chair close to the door that they open to let you into the exam rooms.  Stupid me!  Mike stopped dead in his tracks when he saw where I was headed, and motioned to the other chairs, so he could see the dumb TV.  “Come on!  It’s the show that stars the guy who looks just like me (people say)!”   OMG, yes please, let’s sit wherever you’d like. They called me in right on time.  The ultrasound tech was kind of a bitch.  Or, I guess just really impersonal.  I walked in with her, and she asked, “why are you having this ultrasound”? Uhhh, don’t you have my paperwork? Whatever.  I told her I had orders from my doctor to get this done since I am pregnant, along with bloodwork.  She then said, “well that is very odd, because usually they do an ultrasound at 8 weeks and then at 24 weeks.”  And then she just stopped talking.  Nothing calming about that. So I get on the exam table and she puts this toasty gel stuff on my tummy.  It’s go time!  And then she starts moving around with her little wand thing.  By the by, I don’t know if the techs are supposed to do this, but she was pushing really hard on my stomach with the wand thing!  It actually hurt at one point.  Stupid bitch.  She barely talked to me throughout the entire process, except to say, “I’m kind of struggling to see anything, since your bladder is not full like it should be.”    WTF.  I drank at least 32 ounces of water an hour before.  My bladder certainly felt full.  Especially as she punched directly on my bladder.  Not my problem if she can’t figure out how to do her job the right way.  So she keeps prodding around for a good 10 minutes, and finally says, “okay, I will go get your husband.”  To which I followed up with, “Um, did you find the baby?!” Turns out she did, and we had three lovely photos showing our little bebay.  We were done, and then I had to go give blood (gross).  Turns out, the blood technician was 100x nicer than the ultrasound technician.  She told me not to worry, and talked me through everything and said how much respect she has for my doctor.  So nice to hear. We went out for lunch to celebrate after.  Husband was kind of in shock as to how much the ultrasound picture actually looks like a baby.  Dude was expecting a bean or something that was not very baby-like.  I still don’t think it has set in for either of us.  Maybe when I start showing? The technician did tell me something interesting after doing the ultrasound.  She told me I am actually 13 weeks along, likely.  Making my new due date May 10 (Mother’s Day, oddly enough).  At this point, I actually wanted to cry because if that is indeed true, I should not still feel like complete shit all the time. This morning was a great example.  Got up and went downstairs to get some breakfast together and let the dog out.  Had to RUN for the bathroom.   FUCK THIS SHIT.  I felt gross all day, constantly on the edge of puking my guts out, yet trying to keep down some food.  Even my prenatal vitamin GUMMIES proved to be a challenge getting down.  I know, I’m such a child.  Husband has been great though.  He has been doing all the laundry (he pretty much always did that though, since he doesn’t like how I fold things and I often forget to take things out of the dryer…).  He reorganized the pantry today while I watched reruns of Roseanne.  He let me nap while he made dinner for tonight and another soup for tomorrow.  I am so lucky.  I feel like such a bad wife. I will end with a husband quote before I finish my herbal tea.  I sometimes collect too much of things in the pantry (tea, coffee, candy….he disposed of some Pop Rocks and Fun Dip today…WHO DOES THAT?!  I was totally going to eat that stuff!!) “If you buy any more coffee in the next two years, I’m going to murder you.”

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