Well, I’m Finally Getting Married!

Goal number one has almost been accomplished.  May 3, 2014, I will become a missus.  Honestly, I am kind of sad to lose my last name, because it is a good one.  And I don’t think the mister will be interested in naming one of our children after my maiden name.  

In reality, I should have been keeping this blog up since we got engaged, to show the peaks and valleys of the “getting ready to get married” world.  

For now, I will just share what is on my mind.  My mom is hilarious.  She calls me yesterday and says the following:

“Hey!  My friend at work’s husband is a photographer!  He said he could take 30 years off of my face with his skills and photo software.  I was going to surprise you, but I can’t keep a secret!  It’s okay if he comes to the wedding to take photos after, right?”

I pause.  I am dumbfounded.  I don’t know how to proceed or even process what she has just suggested.

My response:

“Mom…I’m not sure if that is a good idea.  We already have a signed contract with a photographer, whom we know and like.  She is bringing a second photographer as well to catch all of the candid shots behind the scenes.  I’m pretty certain she wouldn’t be too happy if we brought a third photographer on site – thanks though!”

My response in my head:  WHAT THE FUCK?!  Are you aware that we have already paid $2500 for this photographer to be there for us all day long?  And you were just going to tell your random friend to show up and “surprise” us?  Oh dear God.  What was he expecting to get paid?!  

I mean, I love her persistence and the thought behind it (although I think it was a selfish thought in that the photographer she was talking to was offering a free facelift via Photoshop which likely sealed the deal), but come on.  It’s probably because she wasn’t very involved in the planning process, so she really has no idea how many things are up in the air for us.  Even the mister’s mom didn’t know that rehearsal dinner invitations were a thing.  Ayayaya.  I suppose though, once I have had enough of my daughter’s BS over the years, I, too will hope to be minimally involved in the planning process.  Big shout out to our actual photographer – LuvEd Photography.  Erika is a genius in so many ways, and she is adorable!