Time to Quit and Have Babies, Right?

Well, I am utterly exhausted.  

My job has been getting worse and worse.  The projects are piling up and I have no energy when I get home.  But who is NOT overworked at my job?  We are in a terrible place financially, and everyone has high stress levels and a lack of patience.  

That being said, I have started looking for other jobs.  I so badly wanted to grow with this company.  I have been there just over a year, which is when you can start applying for other jobs within the company.  Well, because of our bad financials over the past few months, they have invoked a hiring freeze, aside from engineers, which we are in dire need of.  And we all know that I am the farthest thing from an engineer, therefore, I am screwed.  Don’t get me wrong, there was a point where I loved my job.  I do love the people I work with.  However, people still look to me as an admin. My job title is not even admin, but people assume.  I don’t generally correct them, because I don’t want them to think I’m a bitch, but maybe then it is my fault.  

I’m still young enough to start something new career-wise, but I’d really like to STAY with a company so I can collect some retirement money on a consistent basis so I am not poor if I am alone at the age of 65 (probably more like 70).  So, in my new search for jobs, I have decided that I would much prefer to quit my job and have a few babies.  Yes.  But then I realize that it would probably be beneficial to be married first.  I digress.  I realize that women are just as powerful as men in some companies, and I should be thankful that I have the opportunities to work with the people that I do, but there are so many other things that are important to me in life.  Like learning how to cook (successfully), visiting with family and friends who I wouldn’t get to see otherwise, dance, yoga….SO many things that seem more important to me.  I worry that if I keep working the way that I have been, my whole life is going to be over in the blink of an eye, and what am I going to have to show for it?  

I took a sick day today.  I genuinely am sick, I tried to make to make a doctor’s appointment an everything, but they can’t get me in until Tuesday.  

We found out that after the 1st of the year, my company will begin to charge employees $25 per month if they have a company Blackberry, and $35 per month if they have an iPhone (they are replacing all Blackberry phones with iPhones when they break anyhow).  They have lost their minds.  I’ll be giving up my cell phone at that time.  It’s going to make my job even more difficult.  I can’t even begin to tell you about the customer issues that we have over the weekends that are left for me to deal with when no one else is around.  I can’t wait to see what happens when I no longer have a cell phone through the company.  

I think it really comes down to me not believing in the executive team that is leading our organization.  The CEO has no clue what is going on within our company and cannot fathom why we are so late on so many of our commitments.  They just had a “coming to Jesus” meeting yesterday so that they could go through order-by-order with him to explain why we are so far in over our heads (and he is so far removed to know otherwise).  About a year too late.  Our company, a very well-known company, is losing credibility because our executives are overcommitting us.  

So with that, I need to make some decisions.  I am not happy.  

Time to make some changes.  

Or convince my boyfriend to let me quit and have some babies.