Happy Days Are Here Again {weekends + summer}

Hello, loves.

So, I was going to start my very first post early this week, but realized that my post would be centered around how much I have hated my job recently, and that’s probably not the best way to get people to want to follow your life.  I digress.  

I slept for something like 10 hours last night.  Magnificent, I think, is the proper word.  It is rare that I sleep for 6 hours on weeknights, but my boyfriend (Mike) is lovely and understands that I have the potential to become a complete bitch if I do not get the proper sleep.  

Needless to say, I try to treasure my weekends as much as possible.  So, this weekend, we are headed to The Lighthouse restaurant in Cedar Rapids, IN.  While I was ironing a few shirts in the basement, Mike asked me “So what are you going to order for dinner tonight?” …I replied with, “I’m thinking lobster tonight” …a hush falls over the crowd.  We’ve been dating for close to two years now, and he’s familiar with my antics and taste when it comes to food.  He puts up with me, and for that, I love him.  

Tomorrow, we will head over to Munster’s Farmer’s Market with Rorschach (our Siberian Husky).  I did not name him.  Speaking of, he thought it would be a good idea to find a dead bird this morning and roll around on it.  Awesome.  

Random, funny story to close this entry out before hitting the bricks…one of my program managers at work got engaged over her vacation last week.  I was super excited for her, and mentioned it to Mike.  He was like, “Awesome!  How long have they been dating for?”  and I replied with this clever response: “probably the same amount of time we’ve been dating for”  ….oh, I’m good, but I’m usually not that good on my feet.  Good thing it went over well and he laughed with me about it.  

Below, you will see a photo from last weekend.  Great weather, and a new lounge chair for me (note the tags are still attached)!  Rorschach joined me for a bit while I sunned 🙂